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From: Aiden Win

Dear Aspiring Real Estate Investor,

I want to share something with you that has been extremely valuable to me.

People have asked me what my secret to success is...

They also want to know if I studied under some famous guru and went to some highly exclusive, secret training course/camp that made me into some kind of real estate super-hero.

I think people make becoming successful too complicated...

For me, it's simple...

And it can be simple to you as well.

I have narrowed down three essential skills that made me the most money in real estate.

Skill #1 - How to make money in real estate without money, cash or credit.

Skill #2 - How to profit from foreclosures.

Skill #3 - Read on to find out...

Actually, I have never taken a formal course (like a live course) in real estate.

That's right, I have made hundreds of thousands of dollars in real estate deals, and I have yet to take an actual real estate course.

Maybe it's just me, but I found that I do better by just learning on my own through books and home-study courses and then DOING it.

(Then keep doing it until I get good at it.)

Which brings me to the third essential skill:

Skill #3 - Focus

I have had the problem of lacking focus so I know exactly how it cripples any chance of you ever getting rich.

There are so many things you can do to become very wealthy, so the problem that many people face is being pulled in too many directions that they never succeed in anything.

It is not until I decided to stop doing anything else and focus ALL MY ENERGY on doing ONE SINGLE THING that I started to succeed, and indeed I created a six-figure income in under 3 months (starting from zero).

So I want to give you a chance to do the same as I did.

But before we get into that...

And remember, I'm not trying to impress you. But I'm trying to impress upon you of what you can achieve for yourself.


foreclosure homeforeclosure home

foreclosure homeforeclosure home

Here's one of my first deals... a 4200 square foot executive home in the Fraser Heights area in Surrey that I did a while ago. It had 20 foot ceilings, beautiful open kitchen, huge front and back yards and a jacuzzi tub! I'm not supposed to be emotionally attached to a house, but this one's very nice.

Regrettably, I had to let go of this beauty and make a handsome profit. That took 57 days.



vancouver foreclosure home

Not the prettiest house, but hey, I don't plan to live in it, so who cares? The owners were very desperate to sell, they had serious tenant problems.

I never bought this house. I "sold the deal" to another investor who bought it.

I made a very nice profit in 8 days with absolutely no money invested!



foreclosure houseforeclosure house

foreclosure houseforeclosure house

This one I actually bought and was my home for a while. The top 2 pics are the "before" pics. Notice the yellow walls and green carpet *yuck*. Luckily, my fiance at the time was an interior designer. Check out the bottom "after" pics... not bad eh? You wouldn't be able to guess how much the renovations were... less than $3000!

And because the seller's were highly motivated and I got such a good deal on this condo, I was able to increase the value by $55,833.90 when I let go of it 4 months later.

There will always be real estate...

There will always be pre-foreclosures...

And once you learn how to, you will always be able to make profits without money, cash or credit.

So what better skills to FOCUS on other than:

Skill #1 - How to make money in real estate without any cash or credit

& Skill #2 - Making money with Pre-Foreclosures

These two focuses are most important and will be you will use them to become wealthy many times over for the rest of your life...

So I have spent the last several months reviewing just about everything I could find on these two topics from my personal library and I have compiled the best-of-the-best materials into the Instant Foreclosure PROFITS COURSE ULTIMATE.

Before today, a powerful collection such as this could not be found anywhere for any price!

But now you can 'steal' this custom-tailored course and learn the in and outs of

1. Investing With No Money, Cash Or Credit and

2. Pre-Foreclosure Investing...

And do it without wasting your money on time-wasting, over-hyped and over-priced courses or seminars.

What's more?!

As FREE bonuses that come with Instant Foreclosure PROFITS COURSE ULTIMATE, I have included some very valuable tools and money-making resources.


6 Power-Packed Home Study Courses (.pdf format)

How To Buy PRE-Foreclosures In Canada E-Course - 156-pages

Complete A-Z training on how to find, buy, finance, renovate and flip pre-foreclosures in Canada. From why home-owners can't stop pre-foreclosures to how you can help them and also make thousands per deal! Complete with training exercises!


How To Buy BANK Foreclosures In Canada E-Course - 46-pages

A short course on how to buy bank-owned foreclosures in Canada. How to negotiate with the banks, how to bid at court auctions and more!

$49 Included

How To Buy Probate Homes E-Course - 130 pages

Very few people know about probates (Real Estate sold when someone dies). This 130-page E-Course reveals how to find, buy and flip properties that are sold by a deceased person's family for huge discounts! Comes complete with training exercises!



Flipping Properties - Making Profits in Real Estate - 282 pages
People ask, "Can you still flip properties in even today's real estate market?" Read this powerful course, and you will discover how you can make massive profits by flipping real estate in ANY market.


How To Invest In Real Estate With No Money Down And Minimum Risk
- 123 pages
The title says it all... An essential course if you want to succeed even though you start with no money. Avoid making big mistakes while you stay safe by minimizing your risk.


No Risk Real Estate - Home Study Workbook
- 105 pages
A useful step-by-step workbook to build your real estate business.

$39 Included

Credit Repair Made Easy - 121 pages
When it comes to real estate investing, though it is not necessary, having good credit will definitely make things easier for you. This course exposes all the secrets from A-Z of how to repair your credit in the fastest time possible - whether you have poor credit or no credit at all.


3 Breakthrough Ebooks (.pdf format)

Picking Up Pre-Foreclosures Without Cash or Credit - 44 pages
Exactly what you need to read if you want to start generating huge checks in your pre-foreclosure real estate business

$39 Included

How To Negotiate Foreclosures - 38 pages
Negotiating is an essential skill for an investor. This ebook will give you such an edge that you will be able to negotiate killer bargains that you never thought were possible!


50 Best Nothing Down Real Estate Techniques
- 28 pages
How do you buy a house with No-Money-Down? Well, this ebook will answer that question in 50 different ways! Now you can make a deal happen in almost any situation.


Total Value


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So you have nothing to lose and everything to gain by downloading your course today!

I am the one at risk!


100% Money Back 60 Day Guarantee
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So you have nothing to lose by securing your Instant Foreclosure PROFITS COURSE ULTIMATE today!

Bonus - Letters (Not included in Power Tools Letters Pack)

BONUSES Description

Foreclosure Report Letter

One of the most-effective letters (4 pages long) for sending to pre-foreclosure sellers and getting responses. Get it and you'll see why!


Pre-Foreclosure Letter
A pre-written letter for pre-foreclosure sellers.


Letter Of Interest To Purchase Property
A standard letter to contact sellers with.


Bonus - Scripts (Not included in Power Tools Letters Pack)

Calling For Sale By Owners
A phone script to use when talking to for-sale-by-owners


Making Calls On Properties

General guidelines to follow when talking to potential home sellers.


Questions To Ask Homeowners In Distress

Important questions to ask when talking to distressed home sellers in order to move towards a win-win deal.


Bonus - Advertisements

Postcards For Marketing Your Business

Pre-Written, Custom designed postcards ready for sending and getting you more business


Sample Classified Ads

Sample ads that you can place in newspapers and magazines.


Surprise Bonuses - Even More Bonuses
Many more surprised bonuses to be revealed when you order the Instant Foreclosure PROFITS COURSE ULTIMATE.
Total Bonus Value


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6 of the best real estate home study courses that you've studied, with emphasis on No-money-Down investing. (Remember, you were in debt before you started in real estate.)

3 of the best real estate e-books that youI have read, with emphasis on foreclosures and pre-foreclosures. (These will definitely give me an edge in my pre-foreclosure business.)

8 More FREE Bonuses that are very valuable to your real estate business...
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The Instant Foreclosure Profits Kit

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To Your Success!

-Aiden Win
"Mr. Foreclosure"

P.S. Save yourself the money and time wasted on stuff that doesn't work! I have condensed ONLY THE BEST, most effective, absolutely-no-BS material that will get you making huge real estate profits in the shortest possible time. Get your copy today!

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